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New from the Gibson Pickup Shop

The Gibson Pickup Shop is your source for the world’s finest pickups. Available in a variety of configurations, the Gibson Pickup Shop offers pickups that are ideal for every player, no matter what style of music you play.

image The Historic Collection image The Historic Collection

The Historic Collection

The Gibson Pickup Shop Historic Collection delivers vintage tone inspired by the Gibson Golden Era that gave birth to the Custombucker, one of the most prized and coveted Gibson pickups.

image The Original Collection image The Original Collection

The Original Collection

The Gibson Pickup Shop Original Collection pays tribute to an iconic past, housing the coveted ‘57 Classics, P-90s, Burstbuckers, and more that have shaped sound across all generations and genres of music.

image The Modern Collection image The Modern Collection

The Modern Collection

The Gibson Pickup Shop Modern Collection builds on a legacy of innovation and sound evolution with modern components mixed with higher output, housing such pickups as the 490R, 498T and 500T.

image The Artist Collection image The Artist Collection

The Artist Collection

We’re launching the Artist Pickup Collection with recreations of two of the most important and mythologized pickups of all time – the pickups found in the legendary “Greeny” Les Paul.

image The Kramer Collection image The Kramer Collection

The Kramer Collection

Inspired by the sound of 80s hard rock and metal, these high-output pickups have all of the Made to Rock Hard tone and attitude that only Kramer can deliver.

image Since 1935 image Since 1935

Since 1935

When it comes to musical instrument design, Gibson’s reputation for innovation is legendary. Nowhere is this more apparent than in electrification. One of the true pioneers of the electric guitar and guitar pickup design, Gibson’s many years of research and manufacturing have helped shape the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for almost 90 years.

While it hasn’t previously been well-known to the public, since 1935, Gibson has been the source of the world’s finest pickups. From the player-favorite P-90 to the humbucker™ perfected in 1955 by Gibson engineer Seth Lover, the Gibson Pickup Shop offers a variety of pickup styles and configurations for all types of players.

image About Our Pickups image About Our Pickups

About Our Pickups

All Gibson pickups incorporate superior construction and are made using the highest quality materials. Our hand-assembled pickups feature specially made magnets, maple wood spacers, high-quality cover materials, and four-conductor or vintage two-conductor wiring. Each pickup magnet is magnetized at the Gibson Pickup Shop to ensure peak performance. The use of maple spacers (not plastic) helps to reduce unwanted vibrations.

The Gibson Pickup Shop uses Swiss-made Meteor ME-301 coil winding machines. These are historical winding machines; Gibson has been using this style of winding machine since the 50s. They are highly accurate, precision winders that can handle winding a larger quantity of coils simultaneously.

image Crafted In The USA image Crafted In The USA

Crafted In The USA

Each Gibson pickup is crafted in Nashville, Tennessee, from premium materials using time-tested methods.


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