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One of the most recognizable and iconic guitar designs ever.


The Les Paul legacy lives on through each of these carefully crafted solidbody guitars.

image The Original Collection image The Original Collection

The Original Collection

Faithful tributes to another Golden Era. With this line of beloved classics, we bring back the instruments that have shaped sounds across generations and genres of music.

image The Modern Collection image The Modern Collection

The Modern Collection

We never stop inventing. Building on a solid legacy through continuous innovation, we added lighter-weight bodies, asymmetrical SlimTaper necks, and other advanced features.

image Les Paul Modern Lite image Les Paul Modern Lite

Les Paul Modern Lite

The Gibson Les Paul Modern Lite is everything you’d expect from a USA-made Les Paul, only thinner, lighter, and more ergonomic.

image Custom Color Series image Custom Color Series

Custom Color Series

Gibson’s iconic Les Paul Standard 50s and Les Paul Standard 60s are now available in a rainbow of fresh new colorways, offering exceptional quality, playability, and tone with a style as bold as your own.

image The Exclusives Collection image The Exclusives Collection

The Exclusives Collection

Play different. Stand out. Our Exclusive Collection features unique builds and color options, only available direct from Gibson.


Original. Aspirational, Authentic. The ultimate in craftsmanship, art and historical accuracy.

image Custom Shop Historic image Custom Shop Historic

Custom Shop Historic

Our expert luthiers craft these special-edition, year-specific instruments to celebrate Gibson's legacy through artisty, authenticity, accuracy, and attention to period detail.

image Custom Shop Modern image Custom Shop Modern

Custom Shop Modern

Play something extraordinary. These instruments reflect a reverence for artistry and legacy, with the benefit of modern innovations. The pinnacle of craftsmanship, quality, and sound excellence.

image Custom Shop Artist image Custom Shop Artist

Custom Shop Artist

The Gibson Custom Shop has produced many signature models for the Artist Collection, including the Peter Frampton "Phenix' inspired Les Paul Custom and the Jerry Cantrell "Wino" Les Paul.

image The Master Artisan Collection image The Master Artisan Collection

The Master Artisan Collection

Gibson's new master artisan collection opens with these ten individual instruments by the iconoclastic luthier Leo Scala. Custom designed and built to be fully functional, authentically Gibson, and utterly one of a kind.

image The Murphy Lab Collection image The Murphy Lab Collection

The Murphy Lab Collection

Well-worn favorites, built brand new. We have developed specialized tools and technology to create expertly aged, handcrafted classics with the character, vibe, and feel of an original.


He was a man with vision and instinctual genius— an inventor, virtuoso guitarist and technical visionary.

image LES PAUL image LES PAUL
June 9, 1915 – August 12, 2009


The Grammy winning Les Paul tenaciously experimented with music, electronics, and guitar design his entire life. As a kid, Les was busy creating his own amplification by attaching a phonograph pickup to the top of his guitar, and then later on, he became a pioneer of multi-track recording, which changed the world and the scope of creativity in the studio.

His first broadcasting success was on radio with television close behind. At the latter part of his career, he returned to the stage weekly in New York City—first at the club, Fat Tuesdays, and finally he held court at the legendary Iridium during shows with a stellar band and many world-class guest musicians taking the stage with him.

His legacy endures through each carefully crafted signature model guitar— igniting the imagination, inspiration and innovation of players across the globe.

image Les Paul '50s Collection image Les Paul '50s Collection

Les Paul '50s Collection

These guitars return to the classic, breakthrough design that made The Les Paul famous, paying homage to the man himself and to a "Golden Era" of guitar innovation.

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