The Songbook: Cailin Russo

In this episode of Gibson TV’s The Songbook, we’re treated to Cailin Russo’s haunting vocals as she performs some personal favorites “Hierarchy,” “Cherry Blossom,” and “Fade,” and discusses the process and motivation behind her music; including a discipline she practices every morning the minute she gets out of bed. The saying the “apple doesn’t fall from the tree” certainly applies to Cailin Russo, the daughter of Unwritten Law frontman Scott Russo, one of several musicians in the San Diego-based Russo clan. Her first brush with pop music stardom came when she appeared in two Justin Bieber music videos, and since then, she’s written, released, and performed almost non-stop with her band, Russo. Cailin also discusses her almost symbiotic relationship with her acoustic guitars, that according to her, never leave her side. And that’s a good thing because her daily practice of writing a 3-page stream of consciousness the second she wakes up often bears creative fruit. Even though her creative process starts with a near meditative practice every day, she describes the enterprise of making music as similar to riding a wild stallion, hanging on for dear life until that moment where you regain your balance. Whatever you think of her process, you can’t argue with the success and trajectory of Cailin Russo’s career. Cailin Russo's sound has been described as grunge-influenced punk rock, with a sprinkling of pop. Undoubtedly her sound will continue to evolve wherever her musical journey takes her. She released her first EP, “House with a Pool,” in 2018 and followed that with the release of several singles, including “Love No More,” “Phoenix,” “Assume,” and “Hierarchy.” And in 2021, she appears on Aussie indie electric duo Golding’s “Boxing Underwater.” For more information about Cailin Russo, check out her official website at or visit her official YouTube channel @Cailin Russo .