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Celebrate the beauty of the most distinct maple top
SG Elegant Quilt Top

The legendary SG resulted from Gibson’s bold move in 1960 to initiate a thorough redesign of the iconic Les Paul Standards of the late 1950s. The idea behind the effort was an attempt to jump start the model’s lagging sales, and it worked perfectly. The new SG – still called the Les Paul Standard until 1963 – set a precedent for style, function and design, and the market responded positively. The guitar sold 1,662 units during its first full year of sales in 1961, and continued to increase in both popularity and sales figures for the next several years. Today, the SG stands as one of the most popular and best-selling of all Gibson guitars.

The SG Elegant Quilt Top from Gibson Custom, however, takes the popular model one step further while still maintaining the essence of the most inspired guitar design of the past century. Like Gibson’s iconic Les Paul Standard, the SG Elegant’s mahogany body is fitted with a maple top … though not just any maple top. It is given a high-grade maple cap selected exclusively by the gifted craftsmen of Gibson Custom for its beautiful wood grain pattern.

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