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Pickups Model
The Don Felder EDS-1275 is equipped with a quartet of Gibson Burstbucker humbucking pickups. Gibson's Burstbucker pickups are acknowledged as one of the best reproductions of the original PAF humbucker available today. It is wound with 42-gauge plain-enamel coated wire and carries an Alnico II magnet just like vintage PAFs, but its coils are evenly matched for a smooth, creamy tone, and wax potted to combat microphonic squeal even at high output levels. Pickups
Tonal Characteristics
The Burstbucker #2' in the neck positions yield warm, smooth, vocal tones with outstanding clarity and definition. In the bridge position the Burstucker #1 pickups present a brighter, more aggressive tone with plenty of bite and great midrange punch. Both offer excellent singing sustain for classic rock lead work.
Volume Controls
The Don Felder EDS-1275 carries two individual volume controls, the pair assignable to each pickup on the neck in use (selected by the toggle switch between necks). Each pot consists of a high-quality linear 500K potentiometer wired in the traditional configuration of the SG and Les Paul Standard. Volume Control Knobs
Tone Control
The two pickups on the neck selected for use share a single master tone control, which consists of a high-quality non-linear 500K potentiometer, coupled with a .0223mf capacitor, for a smooth and gradual roll-off of the pickup's treble content. (The second tone control on Felder's original EDS-1275, which originally consisted of an independent tone control for each pickup on the neck in use, was removed and replaced with an independent output for the 12-string neck). Tone Control Knobs
Toggle Switch
The Don Felder EDS-1275 features a three-way toggle-style pickup selector switch made of stainless steel with cream plastic tip and cream trim ring, which acts as the instrument's pickup selector for the neck in use. In the down position, only the bridge pickup is active. In the middle position, both pickups are active. In the up position, only the neck pickup is active. A second toggle switch selects between upper (12-string) and lower (6-string) neck. Toggle Switch
Output Jack
The guitar features two 1⁄4" output jacks, mirroring the second output jack added by Felder to enable independent routing of the 12-string neck through a Leslie rotary speaker cabinet. These are made by Switchcraft. Output Jacks