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There's a Blood Moon on the Rise The Explorer Vampire Blood MoonWorldwide Limited Run
Explorer Vampire Blood Moon
Dark as the night, evisceratingly sharp, vital as blood—the Gibson USA Explorer Vampire Blood Moon is here to rock the evil side of midnight, with a power and a fury like nothing known before. This brand new model from Gibson USA takes its cue from the radical Explorer, an iconic rock guitar ever since its introduction as part of the Modernistic Series way back in 1958, and pushes it way over the top for the contemporary rock and metal artist.

The guitar is loaded with cutting-edge hardware and components, yet retains a businesslike simplicity that puts nothing in the way of letting you get the job done. Two fully active Gibson GEM pickups provide unprecedented power, while a double-locking vibrato system offers unbridled stylistic versatility to the unhinged rocker, with outstanding tuning stability.

For looks, the Juju finish nails it dead, starting with a grain-textured satin black that eerily shows off the swamp ash body's dramatic and extensive grain, with subtle red filler highlights hinting at the menace that lurks beneath. Logo, selector switch tip, and control knob numbers are all in red, and red "blood drop" fingerboard inlays drive the point deep into the vein. Trim and hardware are all in black, naturally. As a guitar crafted in the tradition of Gibson USA, the Explorer Vampire Blood Moon goes way beyond looks and tone, too, to offer a superb playing feel with an ultra-fast neck, and the faultless final set up you have come to expect from the leading name in electric guitars.

Dare to come out in the dark, and check out the Explorer Vampire Blood Moon now at your authorized Gibson dealer.

Starting at
Pricing & Finish Options
  • JuJu
    $1,799 msrp
Product Features
  • Solid Swamp Ash Body
  • Slim, Super-Fast Neck Profile
  • "Blood Drop" Fingerboard Inlays
  • Two Gibson GEM Active Open Coil Pickups
  • Schallerâ„¢ Floyd-Rose Style Tremelo w/locking nut
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