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Marcus Henderson Apparition
Henderson, best known as the heavy-metal guitar player behind a majority of guitar parts in highly successful video games, has joined forces with Epiphone to design and create the new Apparition signature guitar. With a shape reminiscent of an Explorer or Futura, the new Apparition guitar takes guitar design to the extreme and offers a unique patented All Access™ heel contour and high performance pickups, controls and hardware to create a guitar that is perfect for anyone.

"Epiphone and I set out to build the very definition of what a 21st century Rock and Metal guitar should be; Substance with killer style, huge tone over everything else, and a stringent build quality that only the Epiphone Custom Shop can provide. After 21 years of Guitar playing, this is the only guitar that completely matches the look and feel of my dream/fantasy axe.  Everything I've always wanted and needed on my guitars is right there; The Real Floyd Rose, a special routed back cavity to pull-up screaming harmonics on the bar, a Kill-Switch button to chop it up anyway your wicked heart desires, tour reliability and an effortless speed-friendly neck modeled after the 60's slim taper on my favorite Gibson Les Paul all in a unique body shape and feel all of its own. Marketing buzzwords aside, the truth is I designed it, but WE built it for You - the proven Metal wizard that is tired of thin-sounding guitars that have no depth and no tone. The Apparition is the last Rock/Metal guitar you'll ever need." ...  Marcus Henderson

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