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Balanced Fire Power D-1 Bass
One of the world’s most respected manufacturers of high-performance rock weaponry, Kramer has put guitars in the hands of the top shredders for three decades. Kramer got its start with cutting-edge basses in the ’70s with their aluminum necks and unique electronic packages. To bring back their history of amazing basses designed for today’s players, look no further than the D-1 Bass. It’s a scorching, full-scale four-string with deadly looks, smooth playability and more than enough solid tone to rumble the foundations of any venue. Crafted from premium tonewoods, with uncompromising Kramer styling, and loaded with an earth-shattering EMG™ active humbucking pickup, the D-1 Bass is more than enough to achieve maximum low-end assault for any stage or studio gig. Available in your choice of Pearl White or Black with Red Split, the D-1 looks every bit as imposing as it sounds.

Probe beneath the extreme lines of the sleek D-1 Bass design and you’ll find top tonewoods to back it all up. The body is crafted from solid mahogany, a timber with a long history in instrument making, known for its solid low and lower mid-frequency response and superior resonance. The 3-piece, five-bolt neck is carved from hard maple, and topped with a smooth black ebony fingerboard with 24 frets, a 12” radius, and a width of 1.68” at the nut. The full-length 34” bass scale yields optimum firepower from the low-E, but is achieved in a design that is compact, lightweight and well balanced.

A back-angled headstock achieves optimum string tension in the nut slots for maximum sustain, which is further enhanced at the body end by a solid and highly adjustable flush-mount bridge, which is plated in black just like the premium die-cast tuners. To ram all of this tonal goodness through your amp of choice, Kramer loads the D-1 with an EMG™ MMCS® humbucking pickup with active BTS® preamp system, powered by an internal 9-volt battery. EMG’s MMCS® uses ceramic magnets for a transparent high-end response, with steel added to increase inductance for a warm, powerful low end. The D-1’s volume control is partnered by active treble and bass controls, and the BTS® preamp includes three internal dipswitch settings that let you fine-tune the bass’s high-end response. Put it all together, and it’s one of the most powerful four-strings available today, so check out the D-1 Bass right away at your authorized Kramer dealer.
Pricing & Finish
  • Black/Red
  • Pearl White
Product Features
  • Solid Mahogany with 3-Piece, five-bolt hard Maple neck
  • Black Ebony fingerboard with full-length 34" bass scale
  • Loaded with an EMG™ MMCS® humbucking pickup
  • Active BTS® preamp system with three internal dipswitch settings
  • Premium die-cast tuners with 14:1 tuning ratio
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