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75th Anniversary F-12 Mandolin

In the mid 1930s, Gibson attempted to reach a broader market of mandolin aficionados by introducing a new series of instruments constructed with the tonal integrity of the vaunted Lloyd Loar F-5, but with slightly dressed-down cosmetics. Presented alongside the F-7 and F-10, the 1934 F-12 mandolin was the fanciest and would become one of the rarest mandolins in Gibson history. The carved solid spruce top and figured maple back and rims lent the F-12 a blend of cut and sweetness that could compete with any mandolin of the day, while its long-neck design offered supreme playability. Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments is proud to honor the legacy of this ground-breaking instrument with the introduction of the new 75th Anniversary F-12 Mandolin, which holds true to its ancestors’ heritage.

Superior Construction
One of the first things you’ll appreciate is the F-12’s use of top-quality tonewoods. Its arched top is carved from select solid spruce, and its solid maple back and rims display beautiful figuring. Yet while it’s definitely easy on your eyes, the F-12 is also quite appealing to your ears. Gibson’s lauded tone-bar bracing contributes to superior punch, sweetness and sustain to your single-note runs, and outstanding clarity and definition whenever you play chords. An adjustable ebony bridge at one end and a genuine bone nut at the other helps everything you play ring like a bell, while gold-plated Grover tuners keep your tuning true.

Subtle Elegance
While the F-12’s esthetics are traditionally more restrained than those of some of Gibson’s fancier mandolins, it is by no means austere, offering you a timeless elegance that’s sure to be appreciated. In honor of the original model of the mid-1930s, the 75th Anniversary F-12 Mandolin maintains stunning period-correct details, such as a beautiful red mahogany finish, a mother-of-pearl urn inlay on the peghead that has been precisely cut to original specs, and Gibson’s traditional leaves-and-flowers inlay cut from mother-of-pearl on the rosewood fingerboard. Single-ply white binding on the body top and back and the fingerboard further enhance this instrument’s style.

Contemporary Playability
You’ll be thoroughly impressed by the F-12’s enhanced playability, and its ability to meet the discerning demands of the modern player. The mandolin’s period-correct mahogany neck joins the body at the 15th fret, which gives you maximum accessibility of the upper-frets on the fingerboard extension. This constructional element also yields optimum bridge placement within the body, which ensures you get superior resonance and tone every time you pick it up and play. The tuning pegs have been drilled and splayed for superior performance, and the pickguard has been appropriately resized. Each 75th Anniversary F-12 Mandolin comes with a special Certificate of Authenticity and a Gibson hardshell case. Try one at your authorized Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments dealer today. Click here to find one now.

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