Zakk Wylde by Anne Erickson

Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society are getting ready to embark on the 2013 Gigantour, alongside Megadeth, Device, Newsted, Hellyeah and Death Division. If you ask Wylde, he’ll tell you he’s stoked for the outing. After all, the tour brings together old friends.

“It’s gonna be like a high school reunion gone ballistic,” Wylde told Under the Gun. “I’ve known Dave for a bit now, I always run into Dave at these festivals we’re doing, we’ll catch up and talk. Obviously Father Draiman with Disturbed and Dan and all the guys in Disturbed from Ozzfest. Will is obviously a Black Label brother because he toured with us.”

He went on, “It’ll be great seeing Will and the rest of the guys. We’ll see Vincenzo with Hell Yeah and all the rest of the brothers in Hell Yeah–they’re all good buddies. Obviously Father Newsted, me and Jason played with the Boss (Ozzy Osbourne). It’ll be great seeing everybody. Then you’ve got the young kids, the Death Division guys. I’m excited.”

For more on the upcoming Gigantour, including tour dates, visit the tour’s official website.

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Photo credit: Anne Erickson