Black Label Society Zakk Wylde says there's every chance that Black Label Society's Unblackened live album and DVD could lead to a full-blown 'mellow' tour.
In an interview with Bravewords, Zakk says Unblackened is a chance for the band to showcase their more mellow side, and that it just might be possible to take the show on the road after the next 'regular' Black Label album and tour cycle. "Well the DVD will establish the Unblackened thing, but in September we’re going in to make the next Black Label album," Zakk says. "We could literally tour for three years straight, just doing a normal tour, and then come back around with the Unblackened thing. Not that it would be the exact same set, but you know what you’re going to see. The tunes you usually don’t hear and mellower versions of the songs."
Although Black Label Society is expanded to a six-piece band for Unblackened (with keyboard legend Derek Sherinian and backing vocalist Greg Locascio), Zakk told Bravewords there were plans for a string section, until rehearsals began and it became apparent it just wasn't going to work. Zakk put it in more colorful terms than that, of course: "It was a [expletive] train wreck of [expletive] Hindenberg, Titanic-esque proportions. It was such [expletive]! The guys were like, ‘we’ll stay an extra couple hours if you want.’ Couple hours? We need a couple months to make this [expletive] sound right. Forget about it!"
Unblackened will be issued on DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital, and CD, with the CD version featuring six bonus tracks, including Zakk's recent cover of Bill Withers' 'Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone.'
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