Andrew Stockdale

Andrew Stockdale says that even though he's broken up the band Wolfmother, his solo career is essentially the same thing by a different name.
In an interview with Noise11, Stockdale says his live band will continue to play gigs and will play Wolfmother hits like Woman and Joker And The Thief. And it's worth pointing out that his band is exactly the same line-up as the final incarnation of Wolfmother. "We’ve got all our gear in the van right now," Stockdale says. "The guys in the band are here. We are playing gigs. We’re just not calling it Wolfmother." Stockdale added that, "I was a solo guy who had a band name, like Queens of the Stone Age or Smashing Pumpkins, Icehouse." However, he points out that he's still working with everyone who left the Wolfmother camp during the band's existence, including drummer Dave Atkins who played drums on the Cosmic Egg album.
Wolfmother's final gig was with Aerosmith in April. Stockdale's next release is a solo album titled Keep Moving, which will be released on June 11 in the USA.