British Ozzy Osbourne fan Helen Maidiotis is determined to see the metal icon knighted, and she’s collecting signatures of fans that have the same vision.

Maidiotis has launched a “Knighthood of Ozz” Facebook page, where she posts messages from fans across the world who want to see Ozzy knighted, including his daughter, Kelly Osbourne, who tweeted, “This really needs to happen.”

The online petition currently has just over 4,300 signatures. It needs 5,000.

“I am campaigning for Ozzy Osbourne to receive a Knighthood, as he thoroughly deserves this honour not only for all his charity work but for all his years entertaining us and helping make a difference to peoples' lives who have looked up to him,” Maidiotis says in the page’s mission statement.

Madiotis thinks the timing is good, too. Speaking with Birmingham Mail, she explained, “As Black Sabbath are set to perform at Hyde Park, London, on July 4, it would be a fitting tribute to Ozzy if we were to reach our target in the days following their performance.”