WilcoWilco have some of the most faithful fans in the industry, despite their ever-changing approach (from alt country to skittering, psychedelic rock and back again), and during their current American tour, Wilco fans are feeling the love more than ever.

Besides taking song requests via their website, Wilco have been dragging out and polishing up old gems from their earliest albums, A.M., among others, much to the delight of an audience who's largely been all ears since Wilco strummed their first chord in '94.

Frontman Jeff Tweedy credits this tour's varied setlist to a lineup that's been more sturdy of late, including guitarist Nels Cline and keyboardist Pat Sansone.

"We've never really had time to dig too deep into the past," Tweedy told Billboard. "Each lineup of the band has only lasted for an album cycle or, at most, an album cycle and a half. It's inevitable with the amount of time we've been able to spend together [that] we have more time to go back to older material." Click here for a free MP3 download of Wilco's "What Light" off the mellow and melodic new Sky Blue Sky--Ellen Mallernee