Gary Rossington

Rossington, the last remaining original member of Southern Rock giants Lynyrd Skynyrd has seen his share of success and tragedy over the course of a five-decade-long career in rock and roll. In a recent interview with Music Radar, the guitarist talked Les Pauls, his love of Clapton and Beck and keeping the Skynyrd flame alive.

Talking about his favorite guitars, he said: “I saw Keith Richards and Brian Jones playing Les Pauls and I always wanted one. I fell in love with Les Pauls. I loved Firebirds as well. Mostly though I wanted a Les Paul. I wrote all of the old songs with Ronnie (Van Zant, Skynyrd vocalist) on a Les Paul and I recorded all of the Skynyrd records with one.”

 Speaking of his guitar heroes, Rossington payed tribute to the legends: “I’d love to sit down with Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck; they’re the two best guitarists to me. Hendrix as well but of course he’s not here anymore. Clapton and Beck blow my mind every time I hear them.”

Talking about still flying the Lynyrd Skynyrd flag, he said, “Today, we love to tour and we do it to keep the music out there. It’s great to share the songs and stories of Ronnie Van Zant, Allen Collins, Steve Gaines and all of the people we’ve lost from the band”.

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