Warren Haynes recently shared his thoughts with Music Radar as part of the site’s ongoing “10 Questions” feature. Asked which of his guitars he would save from a burning building, Haynes replied, “My ’59 Les Paul. I think every ’59 Les Paul is pretty great, but this particular one is exceptional. It has this unique vibrancy and unique tone. I’ve played a lot of them --and some amazing ones, obviously --but this one I’m very lucky to own.”

Haynes also revealed that the oldest guitar in his collection is a 1929 Gibson acoustic. “I got it a couple of years ago,” he said. “It’s an archtop like the one Robert Johnson is holding in one of those photographs, but slightly different. It’s like an L-1.”

Asked what advice he would share with his younger self, if that were possible, the acclaimed guitarist said, “Don’t eliminate any genre of music from your influences. I’ve always … kind of studied different types of music and I think that was a valuable lesson that I learned a long time ago…. [Also], tell your younger self not to be hung up on chops and techniques and learn how to say more with fewer notes.”

Warren Haynes