Walter Becker’s daughter, Sayan Becker, has posted a poignant tribute to her father on the late musician’s website. Her remembrance made special reference to the Steely Dan co-founder’s playful humor and his fascination with guitars.

“Every road trip without fail came The Pit Stop at some guitar store,” she writes. “Heck, Dad, I keep telling you why don't you just own your own store? Five hours go by as I sit watching you fiddle with a guitar here and there ... yet you never end up buying one. I understand though; it was your fun place, like an arcade; playing all you can, and as loud as you can. Your candy shop.”

Sayan Becker also expressed gratitude for her father’s “love for music, your fatherly advice and devotion, your knowledge about the world and your blindingly sharp sense of humor ... for all that, and more.” She added: “It’s true your love is shining from the next galaxy. I could see it now; you got a whole galaxy of guitars to look at. Rock on Dad, rock on until your heart is content.”

Becker passed away on Sunday (Sept. 3) at the age of 67. To read the tribute in-full, click here.

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