vivian campbell

Vivian Campbell has revealed that he’s undergoing further cancer treatment prior to Def Leppard’s co-headlining US tour with KISS.

Campbell was cleared of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in November after being diagnosed earlier in 2013. But he tells Gater 98.7 that “It seems to be kind of coming back. But I’m not concerned about it - I mean, it’s just a process.”

Campbell added that his prognosis was “always a little touch-and-go. I need to get a handle on it so I’m free and clear to tour this summer. All good.”

Campbell has also revealed that his band Last In Line has recorded four songs which will be used to attract a record deal (and which will subsequently be used on the resulting album).

The band features original Dio members Campbell, Vinnie Appice, Jimmy Bain and Claude Schnell along with vocalist Andrew Freeman.

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