Now here’s something that not exactly new, but so cool that we had to share it anyway! It’s a video shot in 1968 of a 23-year-old Eric Clapton, who demonstrate some of the aspects of how to achieve his sound. This was filmed by the BBC during Cream’s last US tour, but was later included on Tony Palmer’s film Cream’s Farewell Concert, filmed at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The video is a great beginners guide to playing rock guitar. Clapton goes through some of his standard phrases, and how he can alter their sound them based on how hard and fast he’s playing. He also demonstrates the use of vibrato, and how to get his classic “woman tone.” Clapton also shows us how to use a wah-wah pedal, while explaining its basic functions.

Not only do you get some great insight as to where Clapton’s tone comes from, you also get a nice close up view of Clapton’s 1964 Gibson SG that he used during his time in Cream. The guitar was nicknamed The Fool, after the Dutch design collective that did the paint job. Before delving in to the mechanics of his playing, Clapton gives a basic explanation of how the tone- and volume controls of the SG works, that they control different pickups etc.. Think this is just as cool as we do? Then let Slowhand inspire you and check out the 2014 Gibson SG lineup!