Black Label Society

Gibson guitar maestro and Black Label Society mainman, Zakk Wylde performed an acoustic track on EMGtv this week. Wylde is playing more acoustic these days to support new Black Label Society album Unblackened, which is out now. Zakk’s TV performance was sponsored by Epiphone.

Wylde recently explained his acoustic muse. “It’ like with with Zeppelin - as much as I love “Black Dog” I want to listen to “Going to California.” We had the two previous DVDs and our Black Label family it was just like, “Would you guys consider doing a show with the mellow stuff,” and thinking about it we were like, “Let’s just do that.

“A lot of these songs never see the light of day and I don’t know why, we’re happy with the way they came out on the record. That was probably the last time we played them, when they were recorded. Especially with the [Pride & Glory] stuff which was ’94 and the ‘Book of Shadows’ in ’96, it’s been a while and it was definitely fun re-visiting them.”

Here, Zakk plays “Lovin’ Woman” from his Pride And Glory Days. Wylde is promising the next Black Label Society album will be a return to heavy electric riffs.

Great performance. Watch!