Now everybody knows that the superfans over at the Les Paul Forum love to hate us and hate to love us, but they are near and dear to our hearts over here in the Gibson Editorial Department. They certainly keep us on our toes. Lord have mercy on us if we mix up a '58 and '59 Standard; they'll be gathering the pitchforks and torches to run us out of town. But they are about the most passionate readers we could hope to have, and we love 'em almost as much as we love vintage Rolling Stones. So when they put together a collection of eye-candy like in this thread, featuring the Stones at their best, playing a jaw-dropping cavalcade of vintage Gibson Les Paul Customs, Goldtops, SGs, 335s, Firebirds, and Hummingbirds, we just gotta give them a shout-out. So crank up the live version of "Midnight Rambler" and CLICK HERE! It'll be just like being there. Thanks, LPF!