Slash was recently interviewed by the BBC’s Radio 2 for their segment Guitar Stories. During the interview the guitarist reveals that the first time he came in to contact with a guitar was at age fourteen through his friend and subsequent Guns N’ Roses bandmate Steven Adler, who had an electric guitar.

Slash’s first guitar of his own was an old Spanish style acoustic guitar with only one string that he got from his Grandmother.

Slash also talked about how he’s favored Les Paul models from the very beginning: “My first electric guitar ever was a Gibson... it was a Memphis Les Paul copy,” said the guitarist. “Then I went through a period of trial and error with a lot of different guitars and then came back to the Les Paul, and it’s pretty much been my go-to guitar ever since.”

Slash also talks about how Jimmy Page’s guitar sound on Led Zeppelin II was one of the main reasons why he became a Les Paul fan. Check out the entire interview below: