If you’re a regular guitarist and going to attempt a cover of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” you’d probably be thinking about your choice of Gibson Les Paul, Marshall amps and, oh, top hats?

Not so for teenager Michelle Kwan. She covers “Sweet Child O’ Mine” on a gu zheng, a Chinese zither with 18 (and sometimes more) strings. Her YouTube clip is becoming a hit.

Yes, the main riff is probably “easy” if you are skilled at play the zheng, which Kwan clearly is. But watch the video in full for the vocal melody and the second “Slash” solo (overdrive pedal included.)

We hope Slash gets to see this, as it is possibly the most inventive covers of one of his songs ever.

Not brave enough? Check out Slash’s Gibsons. And we await all your Chinese Democracy jokes…