The Doors

The Doors’ legendary guitarist Robby Krieger has been talking Gibson guitars, tone and Doors history with the U.K’s Guitarist magazine. In the detailed interview he explains his beginnings as a guitar player.

“I had a friend up the street who had a guitar when I was 10 or 12. It was an acoustic and the first time I tried it I really liked it. I’d played the piano and trumpet, but those things didn’t really have much fascination for me, but the guitar did. It wasn’t until later, in junior high, that I heard the blues guys, who really I’d been missing out on.”

Of his adoption of a Gibson SG as his main guitar, Krieger adds, “The SG Special with P-90s that I started out with was basically the cheapest one in the store. It was from a place called Ace Loans in Santa Monica, which became a pretty well-known place for guitars. But at that point it was just a hockshop.

“I used a Gibson Maestro fuzztone on [The Doors’] “Hello, I Love You,” which I wasn’t crazy about, but it was all that we had. To tell you the truth I think they overdid it with the fuzz on that song. I would have toned it down a little bit but that was a mix thing.

“I play my SG all the time – it’s my main guitar. But it’s not the one I got in ’67: unfortunately that one got stolen, too. But I managed to find one that was just like it in a music shop and I’ve had it for maybe 20 years. It’s pretty hard to beat.

“Gibson has made a copy of the original, which came out a couple of years ago and they did a pretty good job. In fact, the neck I like better than my original neck – I got the shape from a friend’s Les Paul Junior. The pickups don’t quite sound as good as my original one, but it’s pretty close.”

Krieger is well-known “non-pick” player – he just uses his fingers. Gibson Custom’s Robby Krieger SG is now out of production. Full interview at MusicRadar.