Cure fans, rejoice: a new photo book released next month chronicles over 30 years of the band’s career, from their early days right up to this year’s show at The Royal Albert Hall.

Titled Obscure, the book brings together rare and previously unseen shots by the band’s official photographer, Andy Vella. The foreword is written by frontman Robert Smith himself, who describes the book as “dreadfully funny, terribly honest and strangely melancholic.”

In addition to photographing the band since 1981, Vella contributed to the artwork for Cure albums including Faith, The Top, The Head On The Door, Disintegration and Wish, and has worked with the band since 1981.

“When I'm photographing other people, for example fashion shoots, it's very much like I'm in charge, but when I photograph The Cure, they are,” Vella told Classic Rock.” Quite often, the band don't take me very seriously: Boris Williams used to throw stuff at me, while Roger O'Donnell would always say that my flash hadn't gone off. As a result, I'm able to capture the band enjoying themselves in a way that isn't usually seen.”


Obscure will be released on September 18, and can be pre-ordered from Foruli Codex.