Billy Duffy

The Cult are currently touring their classic rock album Electric. And, for the Les Paul-driven album, guitarist Billy Duffy has gone to Gibson Custom to get a new flame top Les Paul.

Billy says: “The Flame Tops were legendary guitars as they were made in the late 1950s with a flame maple top and were the holy grail because people like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and the Allman Brothers all played them for a time. They noticed that they had a very ‘soulful’ rich, thick tone so they used them for the blues. It became almost a cult thing (if you pardon the expression).

“It’s basically a sunburst finish and the grain in the maple on the top shows through. They became really collectable because there was only a limited amount made in the 1950s. So the one I had built is based on the 1958 one which a lot of people consider to be the prime year.”

Billy has written a detailed blog about his time with Gibson Custom, which is a great read for Cult followers and Gibson Les Paul fans. “A few months ago it was just lumps of wood and bits of metal and parts and now it’s a beautiful guitar and one of my prized collection.” Go to for the whole story.