Black Keys

The Black Keys apparently love baseball, and they’re offering up the funds to prove it. The duo has donated finances to a little league team in their hometown of Akron, Ohio, to help enable the team to play next season.

According to TMZ, the Black Keys have donated $300 to purchase jerseys with the band’s name for a special a team in the West Akron Baseball League. Yes, just $300 was enough to cover the expenses.

Drummer Patrick Carney was once a little leaguer himself. He told TMZ that he played for the West Akron Baseball League when he was a little tyke, and one of his childhood friends actually asked him to sponsor the team. Who can refuse a request like that?

Carney added that after the season wraps, he and his band mate Dan Auerbach will autograph the kids’ jerseys, if they send them the jerseys in the mail.