The Beatles’ stripped-down version of their Let It Be album – shorn of Phil Spector’s lavish orchestration – is now available for purchase on iTunes. First released in 2003, Let It Be… Naked features the same songs as the 1970 album, minus Spector’s controversial overdubs. The iTunes version includes all the original booklet art and linter notes, plus 20 minutes of studio banter from the 1969 sessions. Music videos for the “Naked” versions of “Get Back” and “Don’t Let Me Down” are included as bonuses as well. In the wake of Let It Be… Naked’s original 2003 release, Paul McCartney commented that the new edition was a more accurate representation of The Beatles than the 1970 version. “If we’d had today’s technology back then, it would sound like this because this is the noise we made in the studio,” said McCartney. “It’s all exactly as it was in the room.”