Revolution Saints release a second album Light In The Dark on October 13 via Frontiers Records. The “supergroup” features singer/drummer Deen Castronovo, formerly of Journey, bassist Jack Blades is from Night Ranger and Damn Yankees, and guitarist Doug Aldrich is a former member of Dio and Whitesnake. Aldrich also plays in the Dead Daisies.

Another key person is producer/songwriter Allesandro Del Vecchio, who helped initially bring the trio together. Also onboard for a new track, now on YouTube, is Mr Mister songwriter Richard Page. Thanks to Castronovo’s incredible Steve Perry-like voice, “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing” might actually pass for a Journey out-take circa Escape. Listen here. Castronovo has always admitted Perry is his favorite singer, previously saying, “I definitely sound like Perry. I’ve got my own thing too, but it’s just inevitable. It’s inevitable that you’re going to have an influence and you’re going to do your own thing, put your own spin on it.”

Revolution Saints

The new track, over six minutes long, features another epic bout of soloing from Aldrich. “It is a beautiful song and a nice video. I was very happy about how the solo guitar worked and Deen just shines!” he says. The song also sees Aldrich once again on his Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. “People always ask what you would grab in a fire, right? Well, my main Gold Top I've used on 100s of tracks, probably, certainly thousands of shows around the world. It's not my most expensive guitar but it just feels like home, every time I play it,” he said. “It's a '90s '57 reissue. I stuck some '70s knobs on it, like my original '70s Deluxe. I put a Tone Pro bridge on it.”

Revolution Saints Have Light In The Dark track-listing:

“Light In The Dark”


“Ride On”

“I Wouldn't Change A Thing”

“Don't Surrender”

“Take You Down”

“The Storm Inside”

“Can't Run Away From Love”

“Running On The Edge”

“Another Chance”

“Falling Apart”