Stone Temple Pilots

Speaking to Rolling Stone, bassist Robert DeLeo explained:  “It was a very difficult decision to terminate the face of your band. But we really didn't have any other choice. I don't want to get too into that right now because of legal things, but Dean, Eric and I have been saddled by someone for a long time. We've always looked out for Scott's best interests and tried to be a great friend to someone who really didn't care to be friends with us…. I don't think we had any other choice. We knew that was what we wanted before we thought about getting another singer.”

The band’s forthcoming EP, High Rise, features Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington as frontman. Bennington told Rolling Stone he’s transitioned smoothly into the new role. “I'm just coming in here and doing the same things I would do normally, only I'm writing different music with different guys. STP is moving forward without Scott 100 percent, whether I say yes or no. So I'm just glad that it's me, because I am such a big fan of the band.”

High Rise will be released October 5.