In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler talks about one of his goals that he has yet to reach in his career - a tour with AC/DC. Says Tyler: “I would take a pay cut to play with AC/DC. It's one of my last things to do, go on tour with them. I don't really care about the money, and I don't care about some great review. It's more about the fans – it's always been about them.”
Aerosmith are about to co-headline with another great rock band - Van Halen. The two bands will appear at the Stone Music Festival in Sydney, Australia. Aerosmith even moved their own concert which was scheduled a week later at the same venue so that they could co-headline with Eddie and the boys. Joe Perry explained the setup for the show: “There’s been talk about us co-headlining for years. But they’re one of those bands that do a cycle then split, so it’s been really hard.”
Aerosmith released their latest album Music From Another Dimension last year, which did not sell very well. It seems as if the band may have come to terms with simply going on tour and playing all their classic songs, like so many other bands of that era, as Tyler reflects: “We’ve been strung out and sober. We’ve sold in and we’ve sold out. Some days we didn’t even sell at all. What matters is we’re still together as a band.”