Lobos Negros

A Spanish musician played a guitar fashioned from ceramic for the first time in public this week. He says he hopes production of the instrument could boost the flagging pottery industry of his hometown.

Singer and guitarist Luis Martin, of the band Lobos Negros,  took a month to make the blue and yellow glazed instrument with the help of a guitar maker and a potter. He has patented the design and said he has received messages from interested aficionados in Finland and Japan.

According to Reuters, Martin said, “In the 1950s lots of groups recorded in bathrooms because they had a special echo ... I thought a ceramic guitar would sound good, especially as there are other ceramic instruments like flutes.”

The guitar was made in the central Spanish town of Talavera de la Reina, famous for making the glazed tiles used to decorate the Royal Palace in Madrid.

“Talavera ceramics are well-known but like everything else it’s a tough time because things are bad in Spain with the crisis. If this project takes off it could provide work for a lot of people,” said Martin. Guitar maker Carlos Sabrafen collaborated with Martin, who admitted he Sabrafen had initially considered the idea “totally crazy.”

Would you play a ceramic guitar? The makers are looking for a sponsor to lend a brand name and money to the project. They expect the guitars to sell for around 2,500 euros ($3,300) each.