Soundgarden King Animal

Soundgarden have released the cover for their reunion album, King Animal, which is due out on November 13, 2012 through A&M Records.

The band has also released a teaser video for the album. It doesn't give too much away: some atmospheric visuals, ghostly glimpses at members of the band, shots of melting snow and the same spooky mountain of animal skulls that appears on the cover. The music is equally atmospheric, creepy and foreboding, with distant vocals and a building drum tease. It'll be very interesting to hear this piece of music in context within a song. Does it begin the album? Is it an instrumental section within an otherwise crushing tune? Where does it fit in? Does it fit in?

King Animal will be the band's first studio album since Down On The Upside back in 1996. Earlier this year vocalist Chris Cornell told When asked about what SOUNDGARDEN's forthcoming album sounds like, singer Chris Cornell described the album to NME TV: "It's kind of hard to describe. It's sort of like picking up where we left off. There's a lot of different feels on the album. We're a band where every single member contributes music. So that creates diversity and a lot of different songwriter partnerships and things that we only do as a group. I think it's a very rich album with a lot of different moods to it."