Soundgarden release their comeback album King Animal on 13 November, and guitarist Kim Thayil has been talking about its recording.

Thayil tells, “We didn't have predetermined deadlines set by the record company — that was great. I originally thought we'd have the bulk of this done by the summer of 2011, but once we started rolling and felt that inertia of the music coming together, one of us would have to head out for a tour, or Adam [Kasper, producer] would end up having someone else lined up for the studio. I think the only issue this time around was when we'd reconvene and jump back into an unfinished part or song from the previous session.”

Thayil also reveals his own recording tips:  “One thing I've always done… was dim the lights, because I prefer the evening feel that a darker room presents. When the lights are up, it's like you're doing work in an office, but when it's more relaxed and a bit darker, I feel more relaxed and creative in that sort of intimate setting.”

He also adds: “We still enjoy the visceral power of cranking things to 11, but the complex, cascading, complementary dark layers you can create are often heavier than the visceral approach. Another part of that is the odd time signatures, like 7/4 or 5/4, that are in some of our songs. I think anything different or mysterious can be channelled into heavy — abnormality is a key.”

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