Photo: Carlos Gonzalez, Minneapolis Star Tribune

A dozen dates into its long-anticipated reunion with singer David Lee Roth, Van Halen is wowing fans with a greatest hit set list that may as well have been culled from a longtime fan’s cassette compilation. Reviews have been strong for the opening leg of the tour, often noting the renewed fire with which guitarist Edward Van Halen has been attacking the vintage material that made he and his band international rock icons. Now 52, singer David Lee Roth may have cut down on the high-flying scissor kicks that were once a trademark of his stage act, but otherwise his hammy, Borscht-belt demeanor is apparently in full-blossom, much to the delight of fans – and the chagrin of a few critics. While some fans are disappointed that longtime bass player Michael Anthony was replaced by Edward’s son Wolfgang on the tour, many observers also view Roth’s renewed camaraderie with Eddie as both natural and genuine, leading some to note the tour has once again become what VH essentially were in their prime, the Dave ‘n’ Ed show. --Jerry McCulley 

Van Halen 2007 Tour set list: 1.You Really Got Me 2. I'm the One 3. Runnin' With the Devil 4. Romeo Delight 5. Somebody Get Me a Doctor 6. Beautiful Girls 7. Dance the Night Away 8. Atomic Punk 9. Everybody Wants Some 10. So This Is Love? 11. Mean Street 12. Pretty Woman 13. Drum solo 14. Unchained 15. I'll Wait 16. And the Cradle Will Rock 17. Hot for Teacher 18. Little Dreamer 19. Little Guitars 20. Jamie's Cryin' 21. Ice Cream Man 22. Panama 23. Guitar solo (w/ Eruption) 24. Ain't Talking About Love 25) Encore: Jump