Slash Snakepit

Slash recently got the honor of having his own avatar in the newly released version of Angry Birds Space. The rocker follows in the footsteps of Green Day and Freddie Mercury, who have been included in previous versions of the game series. The reason for the "Slashbird" is because the former GN'R guitarist has re-recorded the theme music for Angry Birds Space.
Says Slash in a video interview: "When [creator] Rovio approached me about actually playing my own take on the Angry Birds theme, it went back and forth a few times between the actual Angry Birds theme note-for-note . . . and then they asked for something a little bit different." Slash worked on the track during down time on his recent European tour, and recorded it at Angry Birds creator Rovio's headquarters in Finland during a tour stop there. Slash says that he's been a fan of the game since being on tour in 2010, and just like all of us who have played this simple game, he was hooked. The Slash-ified Angry Birds Space theme appear in the game's title screen.