The Deaf Professional Arts Network (D-PAN)) is championed for helping individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing have access to the entertainment, visual and media arts fields. The organization’s latest project has kids performing the White Stripes’ 2002 single, “We’re Going to Be Friends,” by singing and using sign language to communicate the tune’s message.

Let’s face it: The song plays like the perfect back-to-school anthem, telling the story of meeting a new friend at the beginning of a school year. “Fall is here, hear the yell / back to school, ring the bell / brand new shoes, walking blues / climb the fence, books and pens / I can tell that we're going to be friends,” states the opening verse.

D-PAN’s video for “We’re Going to Be Friends” has already reached more than 300,000 views and nearly 500 comments since it hit YouTube in late October. We’re guessing Jack and Meg will find charm in the kids’ peppy interpretation of their tune. With The White Stripes calling it quits earlier this year, the video rekindles some of that White Stripes spirit. Watch the footage, below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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