Shinedown have been hard at work on an album of acoustic cover tunes, but the project has hit a slight roadblock. According to guitarist Zach Myers, although Shinedown have already recorded the new CD/DVD covers package, they’re still working on obtaining the proper clearances to release their recorded adaptations of other artists’ songs.

“When you get into publishing, you have to get permission, and two of the artists were, like, ‘We don’t like anyone covering our songs’,” Myers told This Is Not a Scene. “I’m not going to say who, Bon Jovi, and so that was kind of that. It’s going to come out. It will be out soon.”

A few covers are already confirmed for the set, and Myers says he’s stoked about the band’s versions of Metallica and Phil Collins tunes. “I love hearing [frontman Brent Smith] sing songs that aren’t ours,” he said. “‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica took three takes. We did this version of ‘In The Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins. We didn’t rehearse it. I just kind of started playing, and he started singing it, and just became this kind of special moment.”

Shinedown are expected to announce a title and release date for the acoustic covers album soon.