Rush Rush drummer Neal Peart said the honor was especially important to fans of the Canadian rockers. “It reflected back on them," he said. "We've always said it's not something that meant a lot to us, but we knew our fans cared so much to be validated like that — that their favorite band, like their favorite sports team, should be celebrated as champions."

Heart’s Nancy Wilson said she “felt like [she] got into the cool ball team,” adding that many artists already in the Hall were some of Heart’s biggest influences. Heart was also acknowledged by Public Enemy’s Chuck D, who compared the Wilson sisters’ breaking of barriers to that of his own band. “Heart persevered and just broke through a mould and it's the same thing with us in our genre," he said. Other inductees included Quincy Jones, Randy Newman, Donna Summer and blues great Albert King. “Albert King is why guitar-face was invented,” said John Mayer.