Brandon Mizar

Royal Bliss first got together in the late-’90s in Salt Lake City and quickly became one of the hardest-working touring acts in the area. When it comes to the mix of melodic-yet-tough rock ‘n’ roll found on the band’s latest album, Chasing the Sun, guitarist Taylor Richards says the band’s songwriting process involves a lot of jamming.

“Every song is different, really, especially on this album. Sometime we get together and just jam. Sometimes a song or two will come out of those jams,” he said. “Sometimes someone will bring in an idea or a riff or even a whole song idea with verses, choruses, breakdowns and everything. Usually, we all put our own touch on the song, once we know it's going to be a song.”

Richards is a big Les Paul fans and says, “It’s really the only fit for me.”

“I’ve played Gibson Les Pauls ever since I bought my first,” he said. “Nothing compares to it, really. It has that huge tone, sustain and feel that I can only get from a Gibson Les Paul. The Les Paul is just right for me.”

Check back for our full interview with Richards next week.