Ron Wood

Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood discusses his recent diagnosis with lung cancer in a new interview with The Daily Mail, explaining, “I’ve had a fight with a touch of lung cancer.”

Back in May, a spokesman for Wood stated that the guitarist underwent an operation to treat a small lung lesion. In the new interview, Wood elaborated on the issue.

“I'm OK now,” Wood tells the publication, thanks to a five-hour operation to remove part of a lung.

"I was bloody lucky but then I’ve always had a very strong guardian angel looking out for me. By rights I shouldn’t be here," Wood added.

He added that he discovered the cancer during a routine checkup in May, which all of the Stones band members have to do before embarking on a tour.

“I had this thought at the back of my mind after I gave up smoking a year ago: 'How can I have got through 50 years of chain-smoking – and all the rest of my bad habits – without something going on in there?'” Wood told the publication.

Wood stated that he’s living a clean life these days but that after years and years of the rock ‘n’ roll life, he’s shocked to still be around.

“Did I think I’d ever make it to see this? Hell no!” Wood said. “Someone up there must like me. And luckily someone down here likes me too.”