Rolling Stones

A long-circulated bootleg recording of a legendary 1973 Rolling Stones concert is being officially produced as a limited edition box set. Titled The Brussels Affair, the ambitious set centers on a show staged by the Stones in Brussels, Belgium, on October 17, 1973. The high-end package, which marks the inaugural release from a planned Stones Archive Series, comes in three versions: a platinum edition, an art edition and a collector’s edition. At present, only the collector’s edition is available for purchase, at a price of $750. Limited to 1727 copies, the collector’s edition includes a 180-gram triple-vinyl set of the show, a book hand-signed by Mick Jagger, photographer Michael Putland and writer Nick Kent, a ‘70s-era “tongue & lips” wristwatch and a 1973 tour lithograph. When available, the platinum and art editions will be even more extravagant, with production runs of each limited to 1973 copies. For more information, click here.