Rolling Stones

Who’s ready for a Rolling Stones-themed musical? According to U.K. newspaper The Sun, a stage production with Rolling Stones songs is being plotted for London's West End and Broadway. The paper states that secret workshops are being held in London to find performers to star in the show.

“The workshops are being kept very much under wraps and only incredible talent is being invited to attend…The idea came from top theater execs who know the concept of a Stones musical has the potential to be a worldwide hit,” a theater source told The Sun.

The theater source added that the executives “know the show has to be outstanding for the band members to back it…Only then will it ever see the light of day.”

If the Rolling Stones musical happens, the guys will join a handful of other artists whose songs have made it into stage musicals on Broadway or the West End—Green Day, Queen, Billy Joel, The Who, Gloria Estefan and the Kinks to name a few.