Roger Waters

Roger Waters is working on a new album, which would be his first full-length studio disc since the 2005 opera, Ca Ira. Speaking to BBC News, the former Pink Floyd bassist-singer said, “I've had a few breakthroughs recently which I won't talk about, but I am going to make another record. I've had a very, very strong idea and I shall pursue it. I will make at least one more record and I am really looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into it.”

In the same interview, Waters revealed that he regrets bringing suit against his former Floyd bandmates in 1986 over use of the group’s name. Asserting that Pink Floyd was “a spent force creatively,” Waters had sought to prevent guitarist David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason from carrying on under the Pink Floyd banner. “I was wrong,” he told the BBC. “Of course I was. Who cares?”

Waters last studio rock LP was the 1992 album, Amused to Death. Last year, he told Rolling Stone he had completed a song for a new album tentatively titled Heartland.