Jeff Beck

A planned collaboration album with virtuoso guitarist Beck was in the pipeline before Stewart started work on recent album Time. Stewart has told Billboard: “We were doing to do a modern sort of Beck-Ola, maybe, but we couldn’t agree on a great many things. Whether Jeff would want to do a tour, there’s two chances: slim and none. When Jeff’s angry at you he stays angry for a long time. I sent him a Christmas card the year before last and never heard anything back.”

The Faces did make a comeback in 2010. But with Stewart unavailable, they toured with Mick Hucknall on vocals. Faces guitarist/bassist Ronnie Wood, now a long-serving Rolling Stone, had promised they were working on new music together, but it came to nothing.

Now Stewart says: “I think there’s more a chance of the Faces doing something – but that has to wait till we know the Stones are finished.”

Stewart plus Wood plus Beck would be some tour: they last fully recorded together on the Beck-Ola album of 1969.