Pink Floyd

A London house where Pink Floyd members lived and worked is up for sale. The property is in the desirable North London suburb of Highgate. It is listed at Savills auction house at a price of £1.2m ($1.9m).

The property is largely unchanged since Floyd frequented it in the 1960s. Features of the property include musical instruments in the loft (including a Binson Echorec unit of Syd Barrett’s), a built-in speaker system, revolving lights, mirrored walls and a 24 yard garden. It was previously owned by Floyd lighting technician Mike Leonard, who died this year. Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Barrett and Richard Wright all lived at the property - at one point they were nicknamed Leonard's Lodgers.

Early photos (1967) of the professional Pink Floyd show them rehearsing in the house with full drum kit, Selmer amps and many other instruments. The band also hosted many early publicity photo-shoots at the house. See the house via the BBC.