Robert Plant

Robert Plant recently shed light on the making of his forthcoming studio album, Carry Fire. The former Led Zeppelin frontman produced the album himself, working in Great Britain with assistance from engineer Tim Oliver.

“We recorded it in a studio next to Peter Gabriel's Real World, not far from Bristol and Bath in the West Country,” Plant explained. “It’s a real hive of industry there. Working alongside the main studios, we’d encounter many artists from around the world. It’s an inspiring atmosphere. You meet Welsh singers, African players from Niger, and American Bluegrass goddesses passing through. It's a creative place.”

Plant also talked about the juxtaposition between his groundbreaking work with Led Zeppelin and the musical direction he favors today.

“It’s about intention,” he said. “I rejoice in my previous work but must continue the journey to new worlds, after all there are so many songs that are yet to be written. The whole impetus of the band has shifted, moved on its axis somewhat to allow more air and light to come in. Ultimately that makes for more exciting, and interesting landscapes of mood, melody and instrumentation.”

Carry Fire is scheduled to be released on October 13. To read more, click here.