Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant took a fascinating journey to Mali in 2003 to play in the Festival of the Desert and learn more about the music of Africa. Now, Plant is ready to give fans a glimpse into his travels with an eight-part documentary, called “Zirka.”

The film has a homemade feel, with Plant shooting most of the footage himself with a small camera. Fans can check out the first episode via Planet’s official YouTube channel.

In a news post on his official website, Plant calls the trip “a journey of revelation…one of the most illuminating and humbling experiences of my life.” He added that it was “a journey that took us from the scurry and bustle of our world into the homeland of the Tuareg..the Sahel of Mali, Timbuctoo and north to Essakane.”

Plant also says the trip brought him more in tandem with his love for music: “A journey that could only reinforce the power and the great gift of music across and between cultures..sharing outside of language. A world where for awhile, at least borders, boundaries and barriers once again fell away..as it was long ago.”

Plant will post a new episode online every Monday for the next seven weeks. Look for the videos on Planet’s official website and YouTube channel.