Black Sabbath

In a recent interview with Mojo, producer Rick Rubin talked about the drummers that he suggested for Black Sabbath. Rubin said : "I was asking: who grew up listening to the same music as them? Who played in bands where they jammed back then? It’s a very different thing from the way hard rock and heavy metal drummers play today. That’s the kind of drummer I was looking for."
One name that was on Rubin's short-list was Ginger Baker. Rubin explains why he thought the former Cream drummer would be a perfect fit for Black Sabbath: "He was on my list because I wanted to get someone who had grown up in the same world as them, and who jammed the way they did. There aren’t many of those people left. Most of them are dead."
The band eventually settled on Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk, a decision that Rubin was quite pleased with: "There were some other very good drummers but there wasn’t that emotional connection or that tension that you need, musically speaking. To me every great band has emotional side. When Brad played with Sabbath you could feel that there was something pulling them. He had that emotional connection."
13 will be released on June 10, and Black Sabbath will tour the US in support of the album during the summer.