Four decades after penning the classic "Wild Thing," singer-songwriter Chip Taylor has come up with the most timely song on the planet. Titled "Daddy is a Red Sox Fan (Mommy is a Yankee Fan)," the recording expresses the predicament faced by many as Boston and New York do battle, with their respective opponents, in the post-season playoffs. A true-to-life account--Taylor's daughter favors the Yankees and her husband, the Red Sox--the song was recorded three weeks ago by three of Taylor's granddaughters: Riley (9), Kate (6), and Samantha (3).

"I took the kids into the studio a few months ago and we did four or five songs together," Taylor explains. "Everyone liked it so much I thought, 'Okay, then I'll do a whole album with the kids.' So I recorded a bunch of tracks, and about three weeks ago I brought the kids into the studio to record that song. I figured we had better get that one out there quickly. The whole album is tentatively titled Dangerous Songs for Kids--the idea being that 'dangerous' means being honest and not holding anything back, or not writing down to children. But that doesn't mean all the songs are serious. Some of them are lots of fun."

You can view the video for "Daddy is a Red Sox Fan (Mommy is a Yankee Fan)" here. --Russell Hall